A commercial plays an important role in publicizing your company, a new product or a new promotion. Here at Studio 38°Celsius, we want to enthuse your viewers, whether the commercial is being broadcast to the public at large, to a more specific target audience, or is available over the web.

A commercial is more than just a corporate film

A commercial is different from a corporate film. In a corporate film, you tell who you are and what you do – in short, the aim is to inform the viewer. Whereas a commercial is mostly intended to persuade the viewer. The good things about your business or your product will come to the fore in a commercial in order to persuade potential customers to purchase your product or service.

The latest techniques for a stunning commercial

Our continual investment in new technology allows us not only to create amazing images, but to do so faster and for a more attractive price. For example, we have technology that allows us to make films either 5m above the ground or 400m up in the sky. And we’re also leaders in the fields of audio recording, film editing and lighting.

Would you like a commercial that spurs your customers into action? A commercial that’ll give your customers a warm glow? Then contact us for more information.

Our specialists in Commercial film


After a career as a photographer, including 10 years at Bart Nijs Photography, it was 20 years ago that Pepyn made the move to film and video production. Pepyn is the creative director, but he still regularly picks up the film camera. His involvement all the way through the process from draft to end-result ensures beautiful and thoughtful productions.
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