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One minute to convey what your business does, how your business does it and what makes your business special – that’s easy with a corporate film. We stand for visual communication that gives you a warm glow, to be precise, corporate films that will give you a warm glow. A corporate film gives you the ability to impress and enthuse your customers, and to impart a great deal of information in just a minute or so.

Corporate films worth the Effort

Whether you call it a corporate film, corporate video or company movie, what matters is the promotion of your product or service. At Studio 38°Celsius, we’ve been making these films for 20 years for many different companies in virtually every sector. We seek out with you what’s important in your business, the kernel, the values, the uniqueness…

We then develop a strong concept and scenario, involving you as much as possible. Once everybody is 100% behind the plan, we get started. Our communications department sorts out appointments, locations, any necessary extras and whatever else is needed for filming. Our state-of-the-art equipment will then be used to shoot, and it may surprise you to see what’s possible nowadays. Next comes the post-production process, combining picture with sound, with any animations, and with music and graphics to bring the whole thing together. We are only satisfied when the end result elicits goosebumps and moves you to tears!

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After a career as a photographer, including 10 years at Bart Nijs Photography, it was 20 years ago that Pepyn made the move to film and video production. Pepyn is the creative director, but he still regularly picks up the film camera. His involvement all the way through the process from draft to end-result ensures beautiful and thoughtful productions.
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