Want a Film Made?

From reportage photography to company films, Studio 38°Celsius makes visual communication that gives you a warm glow, that hits home. Information? Entertainment? Persuasion? Story-telling? It can be done with a film! A film delivers a powerful message and can convey a great deal of information in just a few minutes.

Film: A Powerful Way to Communicate

One of the advantages of a film is the power of its message. A film attracts more attention than one image because of course sound and picture are combined. Moreover, a film is often a more interesting alternative than simply long amounts of text. Instead of having to read, you can just sit back and be told the story. In this way, you can get your customer relaxed, and in this frame of mind, the message will stick better! But how do you create a message like this? Don’t worry, we can do it together – many customers often already have an idea or a concept when they come to us. Together we can make a film that gives you our warm glow!

How do you make a film?

That’s a good question! We believe that the strength of a film lies in the combination of a strong concept and high production values. If a company makes a film with low production values, their target audience will immediately infer that the company does not provide goods or services of the highest quality, regardless of how good the film’s concept is. Together with you, we’ll help you develop your movie. Customers often come up with an idea and the information they want to get across. We’ll work together to make this idea and information into one story, so that we can produce for you a spectacular film.

Soorten films

At Studio 38°Celsius, we are not afraid of a challenge, and we’ll rise to it! For all types of visual communication, just come to us:

Would you like a film that hits the right note? A film that gives your audience a warm glow? Then contact us!