Typical Studio 38°C

Beautiful is not always good

We ask a lot of questions, but the main question to the client is: What do you want to achieve with the image and what effect should it have on the viewer? Together we then choose the best technique to achieve the desired goal – it might be a technique from photography, film, or animation. Images for more expensive products often get a de-luxe look, whereas cheaper products often require a simple, stripped-down look; between these two extremes, many combinations are possible. In order to achieve the goal, the image does not always have to be aesthetically pleasing – on the contrary. Our intuition guides us in the careful making of effective images, so that they both achieve the desired effect and appeal to the target audience and their world-view.

Food, veterinary and agri-business – national and international

Studio 38°Celsius works for companies and multinationals in food, agri-business, veterinary pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Together with our customers we develop outstanding concepts or we work out the ideas and concepts from advertising agencies. Portrait and product photography; from premium brands to simple products and everything in between.

Direct contact with the specialist

Whether on location in the Netherlands or abroad, we are at our best in the organised chaos of photo shoots and film shoots. We scout for the right location, find the right face in our file of 600 models, take care of the make-up and styling, and deal with everything else related to the shoot. At Studio 38°Celsius, you are in direct contact with the specialist behind the camera. This is possible because our communications team takes care of everything, leaving our specialist and you the client to concentrate on what’s important.

Unique daylight studio

Our daylight studio for film and photo is built so that we can use daylight – that Netherlands light so beloved of the Old Masters. The entire roof and three sides can be opened for the photographing of food and products and for portraits. Either in this studio or in our classic studio, which is lit with everything from spotlights to umbrella lights, we can arrange shoots with animals for agri-business and veterinary companies.

LAB 38 °C, trends and developments

Techniques change by the day. At Studio 38°Celsius, we keep on the ball by giving presentations to each other. In the past, we’ve picked up new techniques like augmented reality, stop-motion and cinemagraphs. But we don’t rest on our laurels and continue to try new things. We try these new things out in LAB 38 °C. And that gives us a warm glow too.