• Studio 38°Celsius. Sign up or choose a model.
  • We often work with amateur models. Not only because they have ‘natural’ eyes, but also because they are better value for money. It’s a bonus that they often live not far from our studios.
  • Do you know anyone who’d like to become one of our amateur models? They can sign up here.
  • Professional models are our preferred choice when the budget allows or when acting is required during filming. It’s much easier to achieve the desired result on set because professionals are accustomed to acting in front of the camera.
  • We have fixed contract prices with top casting and modeling agencies. Our communications department will take your questions and assign them to our contract partners. Call 024-6222223 or email
  • Pets with their owners. What a great combination! Because we have many clients in the animal sector, they are in regular demand. If the combination of the owner and the pet is potentially attractive, we will make an appointment for a free shoot and add you to our file of owner-pet models. Contact us!