Reportage Photography

Telling a story with pictures requires more than just the actual photographing. It requires familiarization with the background facts, empathy with the subjects, and of course that touch of inspiration. The photographer has to look, but above all to see – as well as to find unexpected perspectives. Good communication skills are important for this, not least so that there is good contact between you and our photographers, even if you’re not in the photo yourself. Our photographers want to tell your story with photographs, which makes you the most important link in the whole process.

The Story behind your Reportage

A photo reportage tells a story with images, not just a story but your story. Our photographers are looking for a way to make your story as personal as possible whether for an individual or for a business, with reportages that convey the effect you are looking for. Our mission is to let the picture speak for itself.

Do you have something to say? The reportage photographers at Studio 38°Celsius cannot wait to get in touch with you! Because what’s better than telling a story with pictures?

Our specialists in Reportage Photography photography


Jeroen is a photographer and image editor, specializing in reportage photography. So his heart lies outside the studio. Give him a subject with a message and he is in his element. Give him a chance to create a photographic record of a random event and he’ll grab it with both hands. Particularly because he can then put his own stamp on it.
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