Product Photography

Product photography comes in various types. At Studio 38°Celsius, we see a simple pack shot as something different from a pack shot plus recording. Different again are product photographs, conceptual photographs of a product, and 360° product photographs. And they all need different techniques. However, our photographers are masters of all types of product photography and we can provide advice as well as take the photographs. For large productions, our communications department will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The look and feel of the product are key for us, and we are looking for an evocative photograph that captures them. We look at and analyse the subject, then use sophisticated lighting to bring your static products to life. Our photographers ensure beautiful photographs of your products that will grab people’s attention.

Product Photography as Art

Our specialist product photographers can make the simplest product into a work of art. Product photography is a matter of perfect lighting, flawless composition and the correct editing. Our product photographers have proven that they possess the abilities to make your product a work of art and – perhaps even more important – a work of art that will get the tills ringing.
Studio 38°Celsius will create for you product photographs that are just that one degree better. Contact us for more information.

Our specialists in Product Photography photography


Remco is a photographer and image editor specializing in Food and Architecture. His thousands of hours of cookery photography have taught him all the tricks of photographing food. Remco himself prepares gourmet meals, which is a help when understanding assignments. You can also find him experimenting with a Lensbaby in our vegetable garden! He loves the variety of collaborations he has with the stylists, food stylists and chefs of our clients.

 What’s more, architectural and industrial photography hold no secrets for Remco. Lines, composition and light; applying the basic photographic principles in the best way will always achieve the optimal result.

 Remco enthuses, "These two specialisms make a great profession for me."
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"I love the sincerity of the photograph. The camera as a tool to facilitate communication." Thomas is still relatively young and is aware of all the modern tools and trends, but sticks to the principles when it comes to images. “I like to see the end result of a photo shoot as close as possible to the photo actually taken on the shoot. Ideally I like to think over the conceptual image with others, which is often the time that new methods and techniques strike you. That motivates and inspires me."
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