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The CEO recorded as a visionary, as a problem solver, or as a caring owner? Good portrait photography demands insight into people’s character. The man or woman depicted in their strength, vulnerability, beauty or uniqueness. Our photographers create stunning business portraits, authentic portraits, editorial portraits or thoughtful portraits for sites liked LinkedIn. VIPs are busy people and we often have only a few minutes of their time, so the photographer needs to frame their photographs in a split second and apply their skills quickly. If we have more time, we make works of art in which we can capture the person behind the image. We make pictures speak a thousand words.

In the Studio or Elsewhere?

Of course, making a portrait photo of a psychologist requires an approach different from making one of, say, a minister or fashion designer. We can agree with you the best place to bring out what you want to convey, whether it’s in a nature setting, a gritty factory setting or in a professional photo shoot. Just contact us for more information.

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"I love the sincerity of the photograph. The camera as a tool to facilitate communication." Thomas is still relatively young and is aware of all the modern tools and trends, but sticks to the principles when it comes to images. “I like to see the end result of a photo shoot as close as possible to the photo actually taken on the shoot. Ideally I like to think over the conceptual image with others, which is often the time that new methods and techniques strike you. That motivates and inspires me."
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