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We are not just experts in seductive images. We have years of experience and a passion for food, as well as an interest in current trends. We’ve also built, next to our existing studios, a daylight studio especially for you and our chefs. We’re a distinctive team – and just that one degree better.

Healthy, honest and natural – qualities that we increasingly demand from our food. The food photography of Studio 38°Celsius exemplifies these qualities and our beautiful photographs satisfy both your needs and those of your target audience.

Food captured in a stunning photo shoot

We have food photographers, food stylists, and chefs inventing recipes – so we can easily create stunning photos to set your taste-buds tingling. We can photograph food either in our own studio or at your location. Are you looking for a mouth-watering food photo, an inspiring recipe or a stunning food photo to show off your packaging? Our food team can draw on years of experience, but they’ve also got an eye on upcoming trends – they’re itching to get started for you!

Developing New Recipes

We’ve got some talented people in our kitchen at Studio 38°Celsius. Francis trained as a dietician and will come up with a new recipe for you, calculate the nutritional values and then cook a fabulously delicious dish. Martin specializes in patisserie and gourmet creations – it’s not for nothing that he knows his way about the kitchens at the royal palace.

Spice Wise

With Masterchef Michel Hanssen, we have developed, photographed and edited ‘Spice Wise’. It’s a cookbook that’s a fusion of food and photography, in which you can see photographs illustrating the recipes that use herbs and spices to replace salt. So you can cook surprisingly delicious meals while being inspired at the same time by the impressive photographs. If you have ideas for a cookbook, please feel free to contact Bart Nijs.

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Our specialists in Food Photography photography


Remco is a photographer and image editor specializing in Food and Architecture. His thousands of hours of cookery photography have taught him all the tricks of photographing food. Remco himself prepares gourmet meals, which is a help when understanding assignments. You can also find him experimenting with a Lensbaby in our vegetable garden! He loves the variety of collaborations he has with the stylists, food stylists and chefs of our clients.

 What’s more, architectural and industrial photography hold no secrets for Remco. Lines, composition and light; applying the basic photographic principles in the best way will always achieve the optimal result.

 Remco enthuses, "These two specialisms make a great profession for me."
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