Animal Photography

Animal photography is our specialty. And it’s one that we are particularly proud of. Putting an animal at its ease, catching its unique personality, and the interplay between the photographer or cameraman, our Animal Image Expert (AIE), and the animal; also knowledge of laws and regulations, and knowledge of the target audience; these are just a few areas where Studio 38°Celsius has been an authority for 15 years.

Animal photography is an unusual specialization

At 38°Celsius, animal photography is a separate specialization. The team consists of photographers/image specialists (Mark & Jeroen), an Animal Image Expert (Anny) and, of course, our traffic department that supports all animal shoots. Mark and Jeroen are animal photographers through and through and have mastered the art to perfection. Anny (AIE) is a fantastic project-manager because of her 25 years of experience with shoots for national and international companies in the veterinary and agri-food world. She knows how business customers, consumers, advertising agencies, and veterinarians can look differently at the same picture of animals. She advises you, leads the projects and does the art direction on the set. Because of this, Studo 38°Celsius makes an image product that not only delivers heartwarming and breathtaking photos and videos, but also a very professional product that really hits home with the target audience. At least as important as our experience and knowledge is that everyone in the Studio 38⁰Celsius animal team really loves animals. We are animal lovers from head to toe. We feel very responsible for animal welfare during the shoots. Because of our experience and years of study, we can put animals at ease and really provide that added value, so that many customers return to us again and again.

From agri-food to pharmaceuticals, our animal specialists know what to do!

Chickens, cows, pigs, goats, lions, cats, dogs and rabbits, we’ve had them all in front of the lens! Passion, knowledge, experience, and unbridled enthusiasm enables our team able to get the very best out of a shoot. We create images that excite, move, and that are respectful and support your professional mission. Images that are just one degree better, so that you and your target-group get that warm glow! But what are words? Check out our portfolio of heartwarming animal pictures and let us convince you.

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Our specialists in Animal Photography photography


"It's in my nature – I like to mix with people and animals, whether during my photography or not. I work a lot with Anny, both nationally and internationally. You can make me happy with a set full of pigs, cows, cats and dogs. I am thrilled to be making beautiful photographs with a great group of motivated people". So you won’t find it strange that his motto is: More value with people. "For me, a picture is only interesting if it's full of life."
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Anny is our Animal Image Expert (AIE). "Animals are my passion. Because of my years of experience with MSD Animal Health Europe and my further studies on the behaviour of the various animals, I am in my element here." She is the bridge between the client, advertising agencies, the animal and the photographer. "As the AIE, I have responsibility for the entire team of the animal section. So it’s a dream job for me here at Studio 38°Celsius!" Studio 38°Celsius has a unique specialism in photography and knowledge of animals. "I'm busy every day in our studio or elsewhere in the country, but I also take care of projects in other countries in Europe and America. At the end of such a project, it’s good to get back again to my family – not only my husband and children, but of course, my dogs, cats and rabbits."
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Jeroen is a photographer and image editor, specializing in reportage photography. So his heart lies outside the studio. Give him a subject with a message and he is in his element. Give him a chance to create a photographic record of a random event and he’ll grab it with both hands. Particularly because he can then put his own stamp on it.
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