Conceptual Photography

What is Conceptual Photography?

Conceptual photography goes beyond the boundaries of technique and gives images an extra dimension. At Studio 38°Celsius, it differs from autonomous photography.

Studio 38°Celsius works business to business and we therefore make conceptual photographs primarily on request. We think up, create and refine the image so that what we have in mind is conveyed to those viewing the image, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

Our goal is to think up concepts and then realize them as photographs which move or persuade the viewers in the way we’re aiming for. Photos with an idea behind them – photos that spur viewers to action or get them to identify with a brand.
We are keen to be inventors in this field. And in this field, we like to put the focus on infinity at Studio 38°Celsius, not through lack of interest but rather to explore the horizons of the possible. Come to the heart of the countryside here in Overasselt, near Nijmegen, for an inspiring meeting. We can show you examples from our portfolio of conceptual photography that will give you our warm glow!

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"I love the sincerity of the photograph. The camera as a tool to facilitate communication." Thomas is still relatively young and is aware of all the modern tools and trends, but sticks to the principles when it comes to images. “I like to see the end result of a photo shoot as close as possible to the photo actually taken on the shoot. Ideally I like to think over the conceptual image with others, which is often the time that new methods and techniques strike you. That motivates and inspires me."
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