Architecture Photography

The architect and the photographer have common interests. They meet at the intersection of lines and lighting, out of which they each make their own compositions. We see architecture not just as a building but as a challenge to frame that architecture as part of the society and the landscape in which it sits.


More than photographing buildings

Architecture is more than just designing a building. So it logically follows that photographing architecture is also more than just photographing a building. The intent of the architect must be clear in the photograph. Our professional architectural photographer seeks the concept of ​​the architect and the story of the building, aiming for a well-considered and aesthetically pleasing image. Besides “normal” photography, we also do 360° photography, which can get even more out of an architecture photograph.

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Our specialists in Architecture Photography photography


Remco is a photographer and image editor specializing in Food and Architecture. His thousands of hours of cookery photography have taught him all the tricks of photographing food. Remco himself prepares gourmet meals, which is a help when understanding assignments. You can also find him experimenting with a Lensbaby in our vegetable garden! He loves the variety of collaborations he has with the stylists, food stylists and chefs of our clients.

 What’s more, architectural and industrial photography hold no secrets for Remco. Lines, composition and light; applying the basic photographic principles in the best way will always achieve the optimal result.

 Remco enthuses, "These two specialisms make a great profession for me."
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