Aerial / Drone

Experience the world from above through the lens of Studio 38°Celsius. After years of having been stuck on the ground taking photos, now you can’t get us out of the air.
Would you like breathtaking aerial / drone images in 4K or ultra slow motion? Everything’s possible.

Our specialists in Aerial / Drone photography


Jeroen is a photographer and image editor, specializing in reportage photography. So his heart lies outside the studio. Give him a subject with a message and he is in his element. Give him a chance to create a photographic record of a random event and he’ll grab it with both hands. Particularly because he can then put his own stamp on it.
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After a career as a photographer, including 10 years at Bart Nijs Photography, it was 20 years ago that Pepyn made the move to film and video production. Pepyn is the creative director, but he still regularly picks up the film camera. His involvement all the way through the process from draft to end-result ensures beautiful and thoughtful productions.
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