Taking Photos

How do you take a photo that moves people? Studio 38°Celsius stands for visual communication that gives you a warm glow, that hits home. We do photography with a passion. Our passion extends to Food Photography, Animal Photography for businesses, Product Photography, Portrait Photography and others too. Every discipline has its own specialist photographer. That makes us just that one degree better!

Looking for a Photographer?

We’re hearing more often, “I’m looking for a good photographer, but where can I find one?”. At Studio 38°Celsius you can find many top photographers, each with their own specialism. For instance, Jeroen is particularly fond of Reportage Photography and we are particularly fond of his photos. Anny loves animals, and all animals love Anny. Mark likes people – his motto is: more value with people – and you can see the results in his Portrait Photos. Want to know more about our top photographers? Be inspired by our team and find out who excels in your area of interest.

Types of Photography

There are different types of photography and all these types require a different specialism. For a photo that hits home and gives you a warm glow, Studio 38°Celsius can do it! For all types of photography, just come to us:

Would you like a Studio 38°Celsius photo to give your target audience a warm glow? Contact us!