What is Timelapse?

Timelapse is a technique in which a series of photographs is made over a long period of time and subsequently viewed in a much shorter period, so that time appears speeded up – time appears to lapse, hence the name. Processes that seem slow in real life can be transformed into surprising and exciting action sequences. Timelapse can make the invisible visible. It’s easy to play with the speed of a timelapse – simply vary the frequency at which the original photos are taken, from one per second to one per day or even longer. In general, the camera remains in the same place while the whole series is shot, which is in contrast to Hyperlapse.

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After a career as a photographer, including 10 years at Bart Nijs Photography, it was 20 years ago that Pepyn made the move to film and video production. Pepyn is the creative director, but he still regularly picks up the film camera. His involvement all the way through the process from draft to end-result ensures beautiful and thoughtful productions.
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"I love the sincerity of the photograph. The camera as a tool to facilitate communication." Thomas is still relatively young and is aware of all the modern tools and trends, but sticks to the principles when it comes to images. “I like to see the end result of a photo shoot as close as possible to the photo actually taken on the shoot. Ideally I like to think over the conceptual image with others, which is often the time that new methods and techniques strike you. That motivates and inspires me."
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