What is Hyperlapse?

The beauty of a timelapse combined with the cinematic arts, that’s a hyperlapse. Technically speaking, a hyperlapse is a timelapse in which the position of the camera is moved between each exposure. This means the viewer is taken on a journey through both time and space, and this can be employed in many ways to give an extra narrative dimension to videos. This journey through time and space is made all the more impressive and meaningful by our deft camera-work.

Making a Hyperlapse

Making a hyperlapse demands a great deal of precision, craftsmanship and patience. It takes roughly 240 photographs to make a 10-second film. But we’ll gladly do this as the results are stunning. Because hyperlapse combines the advantages of timelapse and a moving camera, it’s possible to do things like looking around a building in double-quick time. A hyperlapse is a true experience.

A hyperlapse is applicable in many situations. It can be used to bring architecture to life or to make creative portraits for a website. And it’s great for making presentations about a company or a product. These are just some examples of how hyperlapse can be used. Contact us and let us inspire you!

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After a career as a photographer, including 10 years at Bart Nijs Photography, it was 20 years ago that Pepyn made the move to film and video production. Pepyn is the creative director, but he still regularly picks up the film camera. His involvement all the way through the process from draft to end-result ensures beautiful and thoughtful productions.
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"I love the sincerity of the photograph. The camera as a tool to facilitate communication." Thomas is still relatively young and is aware of all the modern tools and trends, but sticks to the principles when it comes to images. “I like to see the end result of a photo shoot as close as possible to the photo actually taken on the shoot. Ideally I like to think over the conceptual image with others, which is often the time that new methods and techniques strike you. That motivates and inspires me."
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