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Ons webadres www.studio38c.nl wordt momenteel oneigenlijk gebruikt voor in onze ogen zeer ongepaste oproepen om modellen te werven op Instagram. We hebben dit bij de officiële kanalen gemeld en de bekende Instagram profielen zijn verwijderd. Wij benaderen zelf potentiele modellen niet via Instagram

Studio 38°Celsius: visual communication that gives you a warm glow!

Studio 38°Celsius stands for visual communication, visual communication that gives you a warm glow! At Studio 38°Celsius, we do this with a passion. Passion for the profession, passion for the job and passion for the customer! A tantalizing photo of your recipe, a conceptual image with an extra dimension or a photo that really tells a story? That’s our job and we love doing it!

Visual communication that hits home

It is our job to strike the right chord with images, our job to be eye-catching with a single image, and, indirectly, our job to sell a product. What do you want to achieve with your image? We are genuinely interested in your story and motive. That’s what drives the photographers, cameramen and the entire team of Studio 38°Celsius. Visual communication gives us a warm glow and we want to be just that one degree better. Want to know more? Contact us!